Senior Backend Engineer

Redwood City, California, United States Full-time

Banjo is looking to add a Senior Backend Engineer to our team in Redwood City.  

The idea for Banjo started when its Founder, Damien Patton, missed connecting with a life-long friend because of unstructured and isolated data. From that moment on, he was determined to solve one of the most common but difficult problems out there -- making the world's disparate data purposeful -- and doing so live. Over the past 7 years, Banjo has continued to pioneer technology that reinvents what's possible in a truly connected world.

Most companies have a mission statement. Banjo has a mission - To save lives and reduce human suffering by getting everyone live, validated information so they can make better decisions, faster.

Banjo is the world’s first Live-Time Intelligence platform that gives decision makers the ability to KNOW INFORMATION NOW, to understand what is happening live, anywhere. With Banjo you will know more, so you can do more. Imagine how our world will change when decision makers know exactly what is happening, where it is happening, the moment it happens.  

As a Backend (Platform) Engineer, you will actively work with one of the largest LIVE datasets in the world. We don’t say this lightly, it is literally billions of pieces of live data from a significant and diverse amount of resources. You will work on a variety of projects keeping the challenge of the job always fresh and exciting. One week you might be on an API for customers and the next helping scale up our data ingestion system to take in millions of hours of video.

This position interacts with all aspects of the company from data science to product. It doesn’t matter what school you went to or even what company you worked for in the past. What matters is that you are passionate about what you do, you work well with a team, and you love a challenge. 

You will:

  • Work as part of a focused, committed team that values contribution from everyone and expects everyone to bring creative ideas to bear in solving some of the hardest technology problems in the industry.
  • Have an opportunity to work with data and technology seen nowhere else (seriously).
  • Develop, monitor, and maintain services that power Banjo’s live understanding of what’s happening in the world. This includes systems that bring in real-time data from hundreds of thousands of sources, manage analysis of such data, and manage storage and propagation of that data to downstream products.


  • 5+ years of experience with backend engineering
  • Expert knowledge of Ruby, Java, Python, or Go – Experience with MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached a bonus
  • Eagerness to tackle big problems that have unknown solutions at the outset (most of what we do has never been solved before, there are no whitepapers, no roadmap, we are literally the pioneers)
  • Natural inclination to demand rigor in everything you build, even while building fast and adapting plans as we grow
  • Inherent curiosity and ability to learn new technologies, plus the ability to figure out the best tools for a given problem. We don’t suffer from ‘Not Invented Here’ syndrome and try hard to use the best tool for the job
  • Focus on using data and objective, empirical methods to understand where we are and how to improve
  • Experience working on small, fast-moving, high capability teams
  • Experience designing and leading important systems software projects, using modern languages and technologies. We don’t care as much about any one specific piece of technology expertise as with your ability and experience solving hard problems.
  • Some of the best engineers we know had backgrounds that did not include college degrees in Computer Science or related fields. We care a lot more about how you work and your abilities than your academic background

Send us a resume and a CUSTOMIZED cover letter explaining why you’d be great for the job and why Banjo is a great fit for you. We value individuality and variety, so make sure to tell us what you’re all about.