Executive Assistant - Park City

Park City, Utah, United States Full-time

Located In Kimball Junction, Park City

Banjo, a Silicon Valley based Artificial Intelligence global leader, has created the world's first "crystal ball" by giving people the power to see what's happening anywhere, right now. We literally break the news for the news.

Before we get started with the “normal” job description, a few things that are unique requirements for this position. You are a badass, no if’s and’s or but’s, you get S#!T done. Self starter doesn’t do you justice, as you own whatever you do, and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. This job requires last-second travel, so you must have the flexibility for long hours and grabbing a bag and going as needed. Work life balance is better described as “work is our life” and we have the time of our lives doing it. Last, but not least, you must be a Google Applications pro such as Docs, Sheets, and ESPECIALLY calendar. This isn’t something you can learn on the job as you won’t have the time and it is critical you have this foundation as it will run your world. Be prepared for the biggest challenge of your career, as this is the fastest paced environment you will have ever experienced, times 100. So why take this role? We promise that you will learn and see more in your first 6 months, than you have in your entire career. You literally will be in the midst of some of the largest business deals, hearing and seeing the future of technology take shape, and be around some of the most interesting people.

Now for the “normal” stuff. As the Executive Assistant to one of Banjo’s top executives you will have the opportunity to work directly with our leadership team. The ideal candidate for this position must possess inherent intelligence, analytical skills, ability to problem solve, and the poise to manage the many challenges and situations that will arise daily. You will have a self-starter “get it done" attitude, be action and outcomes oriented, and comfortable making decisions with little supervision or direction.

About You

  • Ability to multi-task (Are you used to 3 things at a time? At Banjo you will be doing 20 things at once. We mean that.)
  • Experienced making important decisions on the spot, often in highly stressful and time-sensitive situations
  • Stay calm under pressure
  • Extremely well organized (this can’t be emphasized enough as even simple mistakes can lead to millions in lost opportunity)
  • Extensive Google calendar and travel management experience
  • Well spoken and professional (In this position you will meet the top corporate and global leaders, so you have to present accordingly)


  • Several years of EA experience, ideally with supporting C-level executives
  • Bachelor's degree
  • High-level of confidentiality, discernment and judgment
  • Strong working knowledge of Google suite (Gmail, Google Calendar)
  • Experience managing expense reports
  • Comfortable interfacing with high-profile clients and global business professionals
  • Must be able to pass an extensive background check
  • Last minute travel, potential for long weekday and weekend hours
  • Accessible during non-standard office hours

99.9% of people that apply for this position will not qualify because they mistakenly think they are capable of this level, so why are you the one? Send us a cover letter and your resume explaining why you’d be great for the job. We value individuality and variety, so make sure to tell us what you’re all about. Applications without a UNIQUE cover letter, will not be opened.