Machine Learning Engineer

Park City, Utah, United States Full-time

Located in Kimball Junction – just 20 minutes from Salt Lake!

Banjo listens to the world of LIVE, public data happening every second, from thousands of worldwide sources, to detect and alert you instantly. Banjo’s AI instantly pinpoints photo, video, text, and audio data to its exact location in the world - allowing you to zero-in on any event. Banjo combines multiple sources and signals together to instantly verify events, giving you total, unfiltered truth.

Banjo, a leader in Artificial Intelligence, is looking for Machine Learning Engineers in our Park City office. As an ML Engineer, you will be a key member of the data science team and actively work with one of the largest LIVE datasets in the world. We don’t say this lightly, it is literally billions of pieces of live data from a significant and diverse amount of resources. We are looking for engineers to focus on the practical application of the latest ML techniques to all kinds of data at extremely large scale. We do work in NLP, video, image, audio, and multi-modal modeling. At Banjo, we move with precision and put a premium on being able to rapidly push the frontier of what is possible in large scale ML systems. It doesn’t matter what school you went to or even what company you worked for in the past. What matters is that you are passionate about what you do, work well with a team, and never have the attitude that anything is impossible. You must have 3+ years of experience. This role is not open to recent college grads.

You will:

  • Work as part of a focused, committed team that values contribution from everyone and expects everyone to bring creative ideas to bear in solving some of the hardest technology problems in the industry.
  • Have an opportunity to work with data and technology seen nowhere else (seriously).
  • Develop and use ML systems that power Banjo’s live understanding of what’s happening in the world. This includes systems analyzing LIVE data from thousands of sources, including text, video, image, and audio.
  • Focus on practical application of the latest and best ML methods, working on training, testing, and employing advanced models and underlying infrastructure. We stay current with active research but build production systems rather than do pure research of our own. 


  • Eagerness to tackle big problems that have unknown solutions at the outset.
  • Natural inclination to demand precision in everything you build, even while building fast and adapting plans as we grow.
  • Inherent curiosity and ability to learn new technologies, plus the ability to figure out the best tools for a given problem. We don’t suffer from ‘Not Invented Here’ syndrome and try hard to use the best tool for the job.
  • Working knowledge of database technologies like SQL or MongoDB and experience with source control using Git.
  • Used large scale Cloud storage services (AWS, Google Cloud) at the TB scale.
  • Developed and deployed advanced ML systems in large scale, production systems.
  • Experience working on small, fast-moving, high capability teams.
  • Experience leading small teams focused on ML systems is a big plus (but not a requirement). We don’t care as much about any one expertise domain as with your ability and experience solving hard problems through ML methods.
  • We care a lot more about how you work and your abilities than your academic background, however this is an area where specific advanced study is common. Graduate work plus industry experience is helpful, though not required. Some of the best ML engineers we know did not do graduate computer science work, so if you have developed expertise through other means that’s great as well.

Send us a CUSTOMIZED cover letter and your resume explaining why you’d be great for the job. We value individuality and variety, so make sure to tell us what you’re all about.